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Meeting the Popular Musical Band “New Jersey”!

The Jersey Boys, a musical crew who opened on the Broadway in the year 2006, presently plays Off-Broadway at New World Stages. The show tells the story of the rise of four seasons. Even though they achieved success at the beginning stage, the members started leaving the group. Also though there are differences in the production of the Four Seasons that are recorded in the early 1990s, the remaining singers in the brand include Frankie Valli and Bob Gaudio. They are the Keyboardist and the songwriter, respectively. They later moved into producing landscape. What exactly is the band New Jersey? Why are they famous for? You will get answers to these questions once you finish reading the article.


Bob Gaudio

Bob Gaudio was born in the year 1942, in Bronx, NY. He loved writing musicals, and it was when he turned 15, he achieved his first hit named (Who Wears) Short Shorts. The same age, he joined the Royal Teens. The band was market position 3. Later in 1959, he joined the Four Lovers. He worked as a composer for the Four Seasons. Gaudio finally stopped joining the team in the year 1971. He then produced You Don’t Bring Me Flowers and also composed and wrote many songs for various albums like Diamond, Frank Sinatra, Diana Ross, Roberta Flack and the hip-hop king, Michael Jackson. He has placed himself as one of the members in the Songwriter’s Hall of Fame.

Nick Massi

Nicholas Macioci, Nick Massi, was born in the year 1927 and died in the year 2000. During his young age, he played for various significant bands during his teenage time. He was known as a famous bass player and also the vocal arranger for the musical Four Seasons. He is unique for his voice, as he had a deep voice compared to the other vocals. Later in the year 1965, he quit the band and stayed back home from touring. In the rest of his years, he worked as an arranger vocal artist, and also as an engineer for different New Jersey bands.

Frankie Valli

Francis Stephen Castelluccio, Frankie Valli, was born in the year 1934. He started his career singing single in 1953. He also has reputation singing with the Varietones, Four Lovers, and later became the Four Seasons. It was in the year 1978, and he sang for the film Grease by Barry Gibb of the Bee Gees.

Tommy DeVito

Tommy DeVito

Tommy DeVito was born in the year 1928. He started his career by singing in the band named Variety Trio with his twin brother Nick, and also Hank Majewski. He left the group in the year 1970. He lives in Las Vegas. It was the actor Joe Pesci who introduced him to Gaudio. Tommy DeVito later united with the rest three members in the year 1990.

Reasons to love New Jersey!

There are plenty of reasons to love the musical. Some of the reasons include due to its universal appeal, consists of fresh faces, and comprises classic tunes at its bets, and last but not least, due to the affordability of the tickets.

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