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What Made the “Phantom of the Opera” a Classic Musical?

In1986, a musical show was top-rated. The storyline was based upon the novel, which was published in the year 1909, named Phantom, a gothic novel which was written by Gaston Leroux’s. The musical show was called as Phantom of the Opera, which is relevant even at the present day. The famous Andrew Lloyd Webber composed the show. The lyrics were tuned by Charles Hart and Richard Stilgoe. The musical show ran almost more than twenty years and has attracted audience and fans all around the world. They performed nearly 9000 performances only on the west end. Gradually, the Phantom mania started spreading to every country, attracting viewers.

Why Phantom?

So, you might be having questions surrounding your head asking why The Phantom of the Opera is famous. Why do people embrace the musical? What is so special about the show? Well, there are plenty of answers to these questions. But, one thing for sure is that the musical play, The Phantom of the Opera, combines high-tech stagecraft including a great old fashioned melodrama. The musical show also portrays a powerful image and content to the audience, which can be related to all the ages. Some of the main elements to focus while mentioning the popularity of the musical show is an awe-inspiring and sweeping musical score, due to a sharp direction by the famous Harold Prince, Amazing costume and several sudden changes, and of course the chandelier!

Dream (bad) boy

Dream (bad) boy

One of the main protocols Phantom of the Opera carried out to attract a female audience is by creating a dark and mysterious character, dangerous and loving behavior with ready to accept when the right lady comes into the scene. And also to create a character with a cold, and callous side with a cruel heart but enormous romantic emotion. If you are not clear of the picture, take these or instance, the Beast from Beauty and the Beast and Darcy from Pride and Prejudice. The show’s character comprises of these traits but has a unique difference.

Musical Mastermind

While considering the character’s violent nature, the Phantom also has traits of being a musical genius of composing ballads, Not only a musician but also the dark centred personality also comprises of a Parisian Batman. He is also known as the Renaissance man.

Haunting Sensitive Stalker Soul

Since the musical show attained popularity, ever since then, the show was known as the haunting romance episode of all the time. Even though he is known as a dark centered callous and cold behavior character, when it comes to romance and love for his truly one, he becomes compassionate and caring. Even after killing and doing much harm to several people, the Phantom can change the hatred form the audience to sympathy when it comes to love and sensitive soul.



The final session of the show, Phantom prepare a devious plan. He threatens to murder the woman he fell in love with, Christine’s boyfriend, named Raoul. Given the situation whether she allows herself to live the rest of her life with Phantom. But, the plan didn’t work out. In the end, she kisses him, and he transforms his specific love into more of unselfish one. He releases the love birds. Here the Phantom’s reaction towards the true love’s kiss turns the story into The Phantom of the Opera classic!

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