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Why World Praises Hamilton Even Now?

Everybody has a thing for music, melodies, and chocolates. They soothe our eras and penetrate deep into our soul. From time immemorial, music has found a special heart in all of us. To note here is one of the revolutionary musical entities named Hamilton. Created by Lin-Manuel Miranda, along with Hamilton, is flaming and popular like never before. They have even achieved 16 record-breaking Tony nominations. To accomplish these may kind of awards and hype, you must wonder, what is so special about Hamilton? From the beginning to the end of their performance, we will see confetti and decorations flying up in the air, making it unique in all sense. To observe Hamilton, a spectacular musical performance, we must pack our bags, blow our savings, and fly to The Empire City, New York. Since it might not be possible at the moment, we recommend reading the article, which might help you to understand why Hamilton?

Reason 1: Outstanding Music Collaboration!

Outstanding Music Collaboration

For those who love all genre of music, Hamilton is the one you must include in your list. Known for its crazy combination of hip-hop, rap, R&B and good ol’ Broadway has helped them to achieve the name in the hall of fame at Grammy’s and Billboards Records. The genre is pretty amazing that it has led to the rapping theatre kids. Not only is that the transition from fire rap to ballads to again beat-boxing without making eye contact has made them even more popular.

Reason 2: Brilliant Written Sketch

We all know Mozart, what if we told you the creator of Hamilton, Lin-Manuel Miranda, is as good as Mozart? Yes, he is. The result is evident since he took almost six years to complete his writing, which came out to be a replicate of pure gold. With opening and ending line like¬† “I’m in the cabinet. I am complicit/ If Washington isn’t gon listen / To disciplined dissidents, this is the difference / This kid is out!” these mesmerizing lines, the alliteration, the meaning in between the line, the rhyming words, who can argue that this genius is one among the brilliant writer on the planet?

Reason 3: Awesome Acting Method

Awesome Acting Method

Now, as we said, you don’t have to visit New York to know how they have interpreted the music. It is very evident from the soundtrack itself that the team is exciting and surprising. Not only is the Hamilton crew, but all other Broadway cast is talented and unique. But, the way how they put it out to the audience with complexity and passion, which makes the difference. For instance, “Guns and Ships” Daveed Diggs, he goes on rapping with 19 words for 3 seconds only. The incredible part of the show is that the show is a long tongue twister, which they practice eight times a week to bring the most fantastic performance for their audience.

Reason 4: Feminism!

Their show which supports feminism. There is a line where Angelica Schuyler, known as a feminist image, raises her voice for the issues emerging from the nations where equality is forbidden and white supremacy is at the most. She puts her sister’s happiness before her. The world needs more women supporting women! Yes, the show passes Bechtel test with no issues whatsoever!

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