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The London Theatre Guide
Want to know exactly where you will be sitting when you buy your tickets?
("Row Z is an excellent seat madam")
Want to know all about The Man In Grey and other theatre ghosts?
(Sit in the Upper Circle at Drury Lane)
Want to know why actors are called Thespians?
(Amongst other things)
Want to know why you should never use the full title of "The Scottish Play"?
(Ask Peter O'Toole)

For the first time there is a complete guide to the London theatregoing experience, with histories and seating plans of the theatres, how to book, where to sit, and even where to eat and drink before or afterwards - plus a host of inside information about people, places and events of interest to theatregoers in a comprehensive reference section.

The London Theatre Guide by Richard Andrews is a veritable compendium, offering an informed personal view of London theatre, which not only answers all the questions a first time visitor would ask, but can also surprise the regular theatregoer with useful and interesting facts.

The new and updated second edition even includes an Entertainment And Events For Free Guide!

No visitor to London's theatreland should be without one.

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